Product Specifications

Logistics UAV

Inspection/Operational UAV

Firefighting UAV

  • 8 Co-Axial propulsion system with redundancy built-in
  • Integrated hot swappable battery bay
  • Swept back and blended wing for increased aerodynamic efficiency
  • Retractable landing gear during flight for increased endurance
  • Onboard flight computer with maritime collision avoidance systems
  • Payload capability of 350 to 500 kg
  • Uses machine vision and AI to identify and create new entries for existing database of containers in shipyard
  • Uses vision based navigation to performs routing and self charging operations.
  • Detects, defect (corrosion, dents, smell ) and makes appropriate recommendation to the operator.
  • Utilizes thermal camera to identify fire intensity , breaks the glass and
    injects fire retardant powder
  • Used in a high rise and densely populated urban environment
  • Ergonomic design to carry firefighting equipment’s up to 300 kg to
    high rise building
  • Mounted on to fire truck